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Background & Development

The story of Tornado Roof Ventilators Middle East actually begins in South Africa, where South African ventilation specialist Windmaster International was responsible for manufacturing and patenting the first turbine ventilator in South Africa in 1993. Since that early success, the Tornado turbine roof ventilator has been the gold standard of ventilators globally.

While the Tornado brand appeared in the Middle Eastern market by means of distributors and traders in 2006, a lack of knowledge and funding saw the roof ventilator experience limited growth for the next nine years.

That all changed in 2015 following the successful completion of the Abu Dhabi Tahweelah project in 2015 by Windmaster International. That was a turning point for the Tornado as a continuous demand for the product range increased and inspired Windmaster International to start permanent operations in the Middle East.

Tornado Roof Ventilators Background-and-Development

Satisfied Clients

With a collective skillset capable of delivering measurable results for a variety of clients, and repeat business emanating from many of the clients that we have served in the past, our track record stands us in good stead.

These are a some of our satisfied clients:

ISO Certification and Quality

The products supplied by Tornado Roof Ventilators ME are ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating our ability to consistently supply products that meet customer and regulatory requirements to the highest standards. This certification gives our clients peace of mind regarding the quality of the products they receive from our company.


Our ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system confirms the quality of our product line. All legal requirements and health & safety standards have been taken into consideration for the protection of employees and clients. All personnel adhere to the procedures and instructions relevant to the system in an effort to strive towards optimal quality.

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