FAQ Backdraft


The Backdraft is designed to extract excessive smoke caused by fire inside a building. The smoke will be almost immediately be extracted from the building due to the continuous operation and extraction of the ventilator. The hotter the smoke gets the more effective the performance of the ventilator. The duel purpose of the Backdraft is to extract hot air (daily ventilation) and smoke in case of fire.

The only difference is the bearing system of the Backdraft is designed to withstand temperature of 300 degrees Celsius for a period of 30 minutes as per regulation.

The quantity ventilators are calculated as per the application and environment of the specific building. The ventilator creates airflow within the building by extracting rising heat. This action results in a cooling effect which is determent by the ambient temperature, inside temperature and the amount of air changes per hour within the building. On average a 10% temperature difference has been achieved.The Tornado range of ventilators have been successfully installed in high wind areas (Cape Town -South Africa) for more than 25 years. Our quality of our products (ISO) and professional backup service is our pride and ensure our continuous relationship to keep our clients satisfied.

It is the total volume of air inside a building that is replaced with fresh air from outside the building.

Refer to the BACKDRAFT calculator. The size of the building will determine the quantity of ventilators required.